Yesterday I drove off to deliver one of my ‘paintings’ to the most lovely lady you could ever wish to meet! A piece of Danish nature has now been given a new home in the hills of East Sussex, and it makes me so happy!

She wrote the following which I thought I would share. “

“Your work of art is just stunning... I am so pleased to have a ‘Charlotte Brown’ in my house ... it means a lot and just lovely as it’s a very personal need to sign it for me !!... The boys in my house completely agree they think it is wonderful too... They thought it could be a painting but so good it could almost be a photograph they said and when I asked what they thought it was of ...they didn’t know .. they felt it could be so many things and didn’t matter to some degree as it was really amazing and full of artistry ... they couldn’t get their head round it when I told them what it was and wasn’t filtered or coloured in any way ... we are all really really pleased Just great ... We would love to keep it as it is if we may .... the black frame is perfect for the picture and the mount being cream also goes with much of our house.”